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D-25491 Hetlingen/Germany


The number of species of a check list depends not only on the actual diversity, but also on the thoroughness of the investigation as well as on the taxonomical expertise.

The Biodiversity Research Laboratory is a private lab to study the molluscan biodiversity of the Palaearctic region, to improve the knowledge about the biodiversity of this region.

The molluscan fauna of many countries is not well investigated. Also in Central Europe, with a malacological tradition of about 250 years, species, which have been overlooked since their original description, can be found today (e.g. Gyraulus stroemi Westerlund 1881, see Glöer & Vinarski 2009, Valvata ambigua Westerlund, 1873 and Physa adversa (Da Costa 1778), see Glöer & Diercking 2010).

We work together with biologists from many countries of the Palaearctic region, to study the species diversity of freshwater molluscs, especially in the Balkans and the Near East. In this mountainous regions many species could be described as new.

Exact species identifications are not only important for malacologists but also for ecologists, environmental protection, and parasitologists.

We work mainly on the following groups: Neritidae, Rissooidea, Valvatidae, Lymnaeidae, Physidae, Planorbidae. We are always interested in cooperations with other colleagues from all countries of the Palearctic.




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